Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simplicity in Wonder (in Love?)

Really it's all this simple: Be curious. Be in wonder.

Done. Tada.

Today's poetry is a list of wonder. Not complicated forms or rhymes. Words. Simple words.


Four swallow tails butterflies my nose to theirs
A snake sunning on a log
Frog squeaks and kurplunks
A leaf bug missing a leg
Green Dragonflies
A turtle eating a water lily
Blue dragonflies land on my leg
They have stripped wings
A dam washed away with the tide
A perfect reflection
The buzzz of a bumble bee so close he's fuzzy
Blue gill following me
Smooth river round stones cold under foot
Sharp shells poke my toes
Tiny yellow flowers bloom in the marsh
Grand blooms to tree fungus
Smooth roads, few cars
On a Sunday in August

What's on your wonder list?