Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Endless Shades Of Maple

I don't find many times when I am speechless. The endless shades and shapes of this year's fall leaves has been one of those times.

This week spend some time reflecting: When do you find yourself speechless?

Friday, October 5, 2012

In My Next Life

I am fortunate in this life to have found so many mentors and friends in places I didn't expect. Jennifer* once said we design our lives before we are even born: our parents, our challenges, our fatal flaws, our gifts, our location...). Sometimes I stand in amazement of all the places I've been, strength I've had, and words I've read. Other times, I wonder what I was thinking when I decided how to do this life. Who would inflict this on anyone? Who would choose to be the way I am?

I did, of course!

I am grateful for this life. The design is a masterpiece--it's full of adventure, surprise, and opportunities to be flexible and ever changing. I've been think about what my next life might look like because maybe it will help me see the part of the what I might be missing in this life.

I invite you to explore what you are learning in this life and consider what you might design into the next one. Write about it. Create about it. Cry about it. See what happens!

In My Next Life

I'll have a magic wand
And faerie dust
Swirling from my finger tips
As small as a speck
As mighty as a star

When you inspire joy
and expire sorrow
in slowing breath
After a storm
You will know me

You will know me
In the familiar smile
of a passing stranger
And carry me as 
The itch inside your nose

I'll wave my wand
As small as a speck
With the might of a star
You'll blink the out dust
Like I never existed at all

*Thanks to confidant Jennifer for a new way to think about the many pickles I found myself sandwiched between. (Yes, Jennifers, see if you can figure out which one you are!)