Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's Raining Chocolate

Last year in a master's course about religions, meditation, and stillness we learned about mystical Judaism. What most stood out for me is the bottom of the Khabbalah tree: Malkut. The concept of Malkut is when putting yourself in alignment with the holy and living cleanly. Then the holy comes through you. Malkut is those amazing bursts of inspiration. Malkut is those times when you are clear on what needs doing, and your only choice it to allow yourself to do it.

Our course professor, Dr. Helen Mitchell said her book Roots of Wisdom wrote itself--Malkut. She described Malkut as raining chocolate. If you hold your bowls up to the sky, it will always rain chocolate. You only need to be ready to receive it.

I've been fretting over the last few weeks on how to finish one of my master's courses, and today I remembered to put my bowls out. It's raining chocolate. You can see how my critique group and I have been using our endless chocolate over at the Writersvibe.

What happens when you put up your bowls? What kind of chocolate are you catching?

It's Raining Chocolate

Eyes to the sky
I tip my head and cry
Salt on my lips
It's dry, dry, dry

Blank. Blocked. Stopped.
I smell like a flop
Salt on my lips
Dry like drought crops

Moans and howls
Caught near growl
Salt on my lips
Sinking into a spiral

Plop. Drop. Splatter.
Rise from the slaughter
Licking salt from my lips
Now this? THIS matters.

Eyes to the sky
I tip my head and glide
Chocolate on my lips
Raised arms can fly

It's raining chocolate
Oh, sweet mother of fate
Chocolate on my lips
To abundance, I relate

Fill up my cisterns
Drought adjourned
Licking chocolate on my lips
Rain, chocolate, reign