Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eager Fall

Chill lay like a blanket
Over the greening grass
and fading trees
The train calls long and slow
Out over the dark
Early morning travelers
fade though the early morning

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Around the Clock

The Jumping Bean and I have been playing card games and solving puzzles together. Being seven is a new world for both of us. When I taught JB how to play Around the Clock solitaire (also known as "clock" and "clock patience"), I remembered playing it when I was about his age.

What games do you remember from childhood? What sounds, smells, or sensations do you remember when you played them?
'Round the Clock
Twelve o'clock Three
Three o'clock Seven        Seven o'clock Nine
Nine o'clock Queen        Twelve o'clock Six
Six o'clock King
A Jack winks on a dirty floor
Dishes in the washpan
Snakes in the outhouse
Grandma's musty comfort
Eleven o'clock Ace
One o'clock Four       Four o'clock Five
Five o'clock Ten       Ten o'clock Ace
One o'clock King
Cards slick and
Worn dull on the edges
King to the bottom
I want to win.
One o'clock Nine
Nine o'clock
Time to go.
Put the cards away.
Nine o'clock eight
Eight o'clock two
Two o'clock six
I want to win
Almost there
Six o'clock king
"Now, Julia."
Cards scooped up
Spades and diamonds facing
Hearts and puppy dog feet
Or were they teddy bear feet?
Dashed and angry
I lost again
And discovered
the last ace was missing
there was no winning,
I played anyway