Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spark: Tiny Stitches and Golden Thread

I've enjoyed two rounds of Spark as a writer, so I participated as an artist in Spark 18.

Me? An artist? EEEK!

Once I stepped into my fear of creating something really awful, I lost track of the clock. I didn't know how long it would take to cut and strip blue and white strips out of magazine, weave them together without tearing them and take a needle and thread to the entire caboodle.

I, of course, was under the mindful tutelage of the Jumping Bean--a very accomplished creative and mixed media artist himself. He was especially complementary of the bead work and the "golden" tape.

Spark grandmaster, Amy, give us a ten day window of creation. Wow, did those ten days fly. (Oh, my, the things I could add...tire tracks.)

Here's the result:
Navigating the Web
My random partner Heidi Mordhorst shared a fun poem "Black Under Blue" to work from. Thanks Heidi! Heidi shared some of here creative process on her blog my juicy little universe.

Check out our pieces:
Are you inspired? Pick a picture, a painting, a quilt, a sunset, or a poem and create something that moved you. Allow yourself to be surprised and please, please, have fun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smiling Bomb

I haven't written in a while. I took a Smash365 prompt from Cool Blue Souls today.


To my own
Smiling Bomb

My grin Grows

My heels Strike.
Echo. Echo

Like the Shoe
of a horse

At the Fourth
of July Parade

I advise you:
Stay out of
Blast radius

Smiling Bombs
Can be disarmed

Are you brave?
Are you afraid?

Come closer.

Beware of the turn--
to Smiling Grenades
I've just Pulled the


Take Cover
From this thing.

This Lethal Grin
This Pretty Sin

Take cover