Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange Juice Kisses

Squeezing Oranges
You say: "Put your hands down
I'm going to do something
You can't do it back to me
Keep your hands to yourself"

You wrap yourself around my middle
Your arms almost long enough
To clasp your hands at my belly and squeeze
How tall and strong you've become

You slip away, your feet running
From the tile to the wood floor
I smile and squeeze the oranges
Squeezing and spinning round and round

I watch the juice soak through the pulp
Moving seeds aside with a finger
To fill the rising cup below
I pour you a glass, spilling a bit

Of the pale sunrise juice hinting at
The sun's sharpening focus
Through the misty dawn darkness
and the open kitchen window

You come back and grab my hand
A gentlemen planting an enthusiastic kiss
On its pale veined back and smile up
"I wanted to give you an orange juice kiss."

Monday, March 19, 2012


I've spent time--a lot of time--looking at how impossible I am:
  • Impossible to live with
  • Impossible to please
  • Impossible to hold a conversation with
  • Impossible to understand
  • Impossible to teach
  • Impossible to motivate
Could "impossible" be another contraction like "alone"?

 I am possible

Terra Naomi  urges us to "Say It's Possible"

 This week, be possible and see what comes up.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Divergent--Wide Thinkin'

Children have this amazing ability to make many things out of one thing. For example, we have a box at our house. The box become a boat, a confetti truck, a pirate ship, and almost became a space ship. Who knows what it will be next. I've heard this amazing ability called divergent thinking.

Many of us stop practicing divergent thinking as we be come "adults." I look at a box, and I see a box that needs to be recycled.

So, let's practice. Pick out an object that you can see right now. For two minutes list all of the things it could be. Then write for 5 minutes about this amazing object. You are welcome to share in the comments below.

I picked my favorite writing chair:

A Chair?

Is this a chair?
It is a chair
It's not a chair
Lift the flap
What's under there?
A cave
A deep, dark cave
Water rushes from far away

A kitty perch
A scratching post
A plane with wings
A place for sleeping
Add a blanket and it's a tent

Grab a flashlight
A place of ghosts and goblins
and scary things
A boat with a sail
"Who goes thar?"
Lift the cushion

And make a slide
Head first and it's a dive
Into a pool 
In hot summer's cool
 Oh, a table
I'll eat dinner here if I'm able
And snuggle in a movie theater

All in a chair

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wishing Bones

I opened the fridge tonight to get out the kale. Under the bag lay a chicken's wishbone. How did it get there? Perhaps we forgot it with the last crock pot chicken and saved it for later. Perhaps it's gift from the previous house's owner...she leaves things for us sometimes.

There's no one here to pull on it with. There's no one here to help decide who gets to make tonight's wish.

The wishing bone is yours. What do you wish for?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music Remembered

My left arm hurts. My left wrist hurts. My left shoulder hurts. The left side of my neck hurts.
The x-rays say I'm fine.

I can't practice my guitar.
I can't type all day.
I can't cross stitch.
I can't hand write.
I can't carry anything heavy.

I'm a lefty...this sucks. 

Or not. 

I choose joy.

This week, watch the video above and be your own experiment. (Yes, please, do share!)

                                            Music Remembered

Mozart dances a scale
Doe (a dear a female deer)
Rae (drop of golden sun)
Mi (a name I call my self)
Our fingers float, stumbling
Long remembered melodies
Fa (a long, long way to run)
So (a needle pulling thread)
Mostly forgotten between
Twitches, tears, and years
La (a note that follows so)
Ti (a drink with jam and bread)
Fingers fly across smooth, cool keys
   A trill: Gently rocking
   An upscale: Thumb
swinging under to F
A cool grand arpeggio adds
The rumbling bass
   pinky finding high C
The strings echo the chorus
   A downscale:
Tallman swinging over,
resting on E
We swell to a forte song of joy
With pianissimo pain and
Into andante giggles
   thumb finding home on middle C
All we need do is listen
(that will bring us back to) Doe