Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh, the Day I Was Born

Today is my birthday. I have a habit of sweeping today under the rug and hiding it. Everyone has a birthday, so why is mine so special?

As a precious beloved pointed out this morning, I am amazing at crafting excellent days. Today, we are going to be a most excellent day.

What are celebrating on this most excellent day?

February 6, 1977
This is the day I was born
In the company of Bob Marley and a few lefties:
A world record heavy hitting babe
A patient soon-to-be republican president
At 9:32A.M.--Mountain Standard Time
Staring at the sparkling hospital floor tile instead of the sky
Never was there a more perfect moment
To be born so alive

Happy birthday, Happy New Year, my friends. Today is our most excellent day.