Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finish More: Loving Progress

From my little black book:


II: Loving Progress
The breathing room still stumbles. Song echo the empty growing long A.
Flat E in the sinking day. Color possible found in faded blues and greens
Serious girl: Revisited dreams that almost never were.
Found: Shells, bobbles, rocks. The robins revisit last year’s pears
still clinging to the Bradford's branches. Leaves: Litter the soft'nin' damp below
Propellers: Spin to smile, Wings: Snapped parallel. Eager to find lift and drag
Red flag: Attention! Twelve abandon novels, histories, and chaos theory.
A fairy brick road: Horizon bending ‘round. A tripping stair. Shy of master.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finish More: A Beginning

Last year I set an intention rather than a resolution: Love more and I did. Remembering two words instead a list of resolutions worked well for me.

This year I didn't know what to set as an intention. Here's a few I went through:
  • Be more compassionate
  • Give more
  • Socialize more
  • Write more
Each one of these left a sick feeling in my stomach.

Gears: They work when they are touching. I see no straight lines to anywhere.
 Now I've got it:

This year I'm documenting my intention with an epic poem. Look my be something like my own Beowulf with a happier ending.

What is your intention for the year? How will you remind yourself of your intention and celebrate it?


I: The Loved and Incomplete
Half-painted walls: The bright of new stands stark against fading purity
A fairy brick road: Nowhere to go. A tripping stair. Missing light.
The Naked Table: Not a paint, a brush, or an adhesive stuck to its top
A plane unwound to grounded, wings askew. White Strips mid-wall
A Breathing room: No space to breathe or sit or sing
Hyacinths: No dirt for spring bloom. Bare walls: Begging for memories
Twelve abandon novels, histories, and chaos theory. Nine credits: Shy of master.