Friday, September 16, 2011

Superheros. Who are you?


It's time for blog of my own, since the uncontrollable stream of poetry seems to be at a trickle and jumping head first into the cascade of a novel runs my blood cold. Blogging is writing!

I'm not sure what we will find here yet. A rhythm? A rhyme? Something to bring us together with the forces stretching us in all directions.

A writing prompt for today: Sing a verse. Play a rhyme. Show us. What superhero are you today?

Word Girl

Word for fist
Word for thought
Caped in comics and
Riddled sudoku
Pencil in hand
Eraser nubbed

Word Girl's words never snubbed

On the world-go-round
Legs weightless
White knuckles dance
Grins like the slivered moons
Orbit Pupils wide
On this fly-go-ride

Word Girl's Coming

An O
An M
An A
A few SS
And an ION

The world-go-round
Screeches still
We all Breathe in
Dizzy still

World Girl's rescue?