Monday, September 19, 2011

Deal's Wild

Who are the people that have most influenced you life? Who's that someone whispering in your ear imbuing you with strength and courage from when you don't think you can walk another step, take another breath, or climb another hill?

Today, in a way special to you to honor an ancestor who's life influences your own.

That woman for me is my Grandmother Zenobia. She was a nurse, she was a teenager during the 1930s, she would smoke cigars with my dad, and who know what she was going to pull out of her bra! Today is her 94th birthday. She didn't see me graduate 8th grade and so much life has happened since then. I still hear her voice. She didn't whisper and she doesn't still.

Deal's Wild
Salt and pepper coiled neatly top your head
Shuffling to the bathroom
The rush is on
We know when you make it first
We'll never get to go

Shuffling back to the kitchen
Easing down to the blue chair
Walker at the ready
Deal the cards.
What's the game tonight?

"Oh I dropped one!" You say
We're on to you. Must be a 1 or
or wild down there.
Here it is!
Not even a smile. You win again!

How many words are in
There's no E! It's a hard one!
Bits of paper with words
Scribbled everywhere

Achoo! The magic tissue
appears from your chest
Ready at the front. Drip.Wipe.Wipe
Hocus Pocus!
The magic tissue's gone again

The hum of old country
From the small radio
Fills the silence. I'm stumped again!
No E! Had I looked
Would I have seen hints of your smile?