Monday, November 12, 2012

Manifestos? What?

Manifestos seem to be hailing in an increasingly disturbing frequency and size in my neck of the woods. I've been seeing them everywhere. (Is that a hint?)

So what's a manifesto? I keep thinking Manifest destiny. EEEK!This is what Wikipedia says about manifesto (definitely not the same as mainfest destiny):
  • Latin root word: manifestum. Clear and concise
  • Comes to english from the Italian word "manifesto"
So manifesto is really Latain Italian word. Neat. In the business world we call this a vision or a mission statement. <Barf> and very helpful in the context of business, profit, and the pursuit of whatever.

As a manifesto I see these written in posters like Holstee's manifesto about "Life" or go check out these examples at Life Hack.

What's your manifest? What are you clear on? Here's mine:

Yeah. Blank slate. I'm contemplating. Help?