Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living at the Speed of Life

Whew! Normally I'd be out of breath, totally exhausted, and tossing and turning in bed with all of this spring movement. The birds are singing, the irises are blooming, the grass is tall, school is certainly in session, and vacation is right around the corner.

May is here already!

Unlike my worry-wart overwhelmed self, I'm breathing with a big belly, gathering sweet wild flowers, picking fresh strawberries, full of energy and <gasp> sleeping through the night.

The last place I've been is behind the screen of a computer...I've been outside playing in the dirt, skimming the ponds with the dragonflies, and hunting the wild raspberry bushes.

This weekend my masters class that the pleasure to write a few proverbs to pass our wisdom on to the youngers. Proverbs are short bits of wisdom without a 50 foot ream of logic...and fun!

Proverbs are FUN, so let's have some fun and be funny!

In honor of all this bursting and living and speed, let's slow down (a little) and share a bit of wisdom with a proverb or two. What proverbs do you have share?

Here are mine:
Live at the speed of life.
Life will tell you when to speed up.
Life will brake you when you need to slow down.
You are already going exactly the right speed

Love at the speed of light
Who knows when and which star love will land on

Love is like a hybrid car, it extends the life in a moment
Love regenerates when you hit the brakes
and smiles when you tap someone else's bumper
Life will be over long before love runs out of gas