Friday, May 17, 2013

Embracing the Unexpected

Five years ago I would have been upset about today. I had PLANS. I was going to clean the house, turn flower beds for more plants, and finally get to that mending. My PLANS go exactly as I expect every time or else. The day started out as I had planned, and then it took a turn somewhere. I smiled and let it come.

What happens when a plan goes awry? What happens when you say "Yes!" and let the day roll along?

an unexpected embrace

a sore back woke me early today
the air cool and sticky and stifling
the recycling lay strewn across the yard
I felt the twinge of that back
with every paper and carton put back in bin
my feet dug into the prickly wet grass

my hair in a shower knot
I stare at the mending wondering
will I drag the sewing machine up the stairs?
will I change the bobbin four times
or hope the black thread doesn't show
on my red skirt?

the knock at the door sends me running
scattering the ripped skirts and dresses
flinging buttons across the still unmade bed

flowers, would you like shop
for flowers. my treat.
Yes, please. let's get flowers
by grace, off we went

returning with elephant ears
and swirly begonia leaves
and tomato and peppers
and bushy sweet smelling alyssum
returning in time to collect the children

and play in the backyard
with balls and sticks and squeaky swings
and draw on brown paper taped to the fence

inside lay the vacuuming and the dirty sink
the dishes, the paperwork, the unfolded laundry
and winter's blankets and, of course, the mending
on the still unmade bed

and I sit in the lawn and push swings
and sweep away spiders webs and pour
glasses of cold water and
give directions to the toilet.

yes, you're right. this house is messy
I smile in the warmth
of the late spring's warming embrace
and open the windows wider