Friday, July 19, 2013

Pictures Who Write Themselves (The A-B-C)

I promised the poetry that went with my collages...

Feeding the Beast

Restless crowds gather feeding anger’s children
Baron tracks of desert breed striking beasts
The crowds cry for fight. The idle wait

A snake strikes.

Heroes backed into spiked cacti
Crowds heave, binding freedom
with the ropes of disappointment,
stabbing hope with rusted blades

The heroes hold. Faces skyward,
eyes closed to the frustrated masses
Treading sand, treading water 
The heroes hold

Passions & Gifts


Open hands, full harvest
Weaving blue, gold, and green
Fabric that holds space between
Death and growth
Growth and death
Only the flame of a match
Sets the sun to fire
The grapes to green
Only hands hold the circles
who scrap a shell on the stones
who rustle a cape of night wings
Lay back on the stones
Warmth at your back
The flame in your chest
Seen and almost never heard

What parallels do you see in the collages and the writing?
Check out the Writersvibe over the next few weeks for other exercises for un-stucking yourself.