Sunday, April 6, 2014


When was the last time to trusted the universe to catch you?

This spring has been rough. Winter keeps coming to cover the daffodils and the daffodils keep raising their yellow heads to meet the sun. It's been like that for many of us.

I wondered if I could trust the spring to come this year. Now that I'm looking at full spring, I remember that the robins and the crows and the cardinals all trusted the spring to come. They sat straight up and sang through every storm. They trusted spring to come and sang it up to us.

Go outside and look around you this week. Where do you see trust?

When the crow spreads its wings,
he trusts the wind to hold him
When the he reaches his feet,
he trusts the tree to catch him

Put out your wings to fly
Spread your toes to land
Know the wind holds you
and the tree catches you