Saturday, July 19, 2014

Entropy & Change

Humans (and all manner of creatures) have this amazing ability to adapt. This week I contemplated the times I've made a choice and walked into a new situation confident, scared, and blind. These choices often came out of necessity--move or die.

This isn't the literal death. This is the death of spirit--when movement has stopped and entropy threatens the very existence of soul. This death seldom happens all at once and it nibbles away until you adapt and recover or stay in place where your loss shows only in the deepest, blackest place in your pupils.

I make major like changes when I'm facing an adapt or die time. This week I paint and I write. Consider how you be with the times when you must adapt or face the death of your spirit. What patterns do you see?

Death to Entropy

Fifteen years ago,
I got on a plane to San Antonio
What the hell was I thinking?

About six years ago,
I filled a 2nd generation Prius
full of $1000 worth of Ikea furniture
What the hell was I thinking?

Almost five years ago,
I filled up a 2nd generation Prius with toy trains
and drove it to a house on a court within walking distance
of two schools, a trail, a waterfall, and active train tracks
What the hell was I thinking?

Seventeen months ago,
I filled up my 3rd generation Prius with Legos
from my cubicle and an unconfirmed job offer
What the hell was I thinking?

Today and yesterday,
 I filled up a 3rd generation Prius
full of $800 worth of art supplies
(without spending that much at all)
What the hell am I thinking?

Some things don't change much, do they?