Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange Juice Kisses

Squeezing Oranges
You say: "Put your hands down
I'm going to do something
You can't do it back to me
Keep your hands to yourself"

You wrap yourself around my middle
Your arms almost long enough
To clasp your hands at my belly and squeeze
How tall and strong you've become

You slip away, your feet running
From the tile to the wood floor
I smile and squeeze the oranges
Squeezing and spinning round and round

I watch the juice soak through the pulp
Moving seeds aside with a finger
To fill the rising cup below
I pour you a glass, spilling a bit

Of the pale sunrise juice hinting at
The sun's sharpening focus
Through the misty dawn darkness
and the open kitchen window

You come back and grab my hand
A gentlemen planting an enthusiastic kiss
On its pale veined back and smile up
"I wanted to give you an orange juice kiss."