Monday, May 21, 2012

Blocks: Blocks, Walls, Stuck (Part 2)

I was shocked to find when I looked up blocked in Mariam Websters on-line dictionary a few days ago, all I saw was some medical and psychological stuff. When I write the first block I usually think of is writer's block. I've been stewing in it for months!
Structure by J.B

Today I looked again and, my, how blocked looks different! How fascinating!

Here are a few of the definitions MWD offers for blocked:
  • To make unsuitable for passage or progress by obstruction 
  • To shape on, with, or as if with a block
  • To secure, support, or provide with a block
  • To make flush at the left or at both left and right
The antonyms are ever more fun: clear, free, open up. Hmmmm...

So here are a lot of ways to look at blocked. Which one do you choose?

Supports by J.B.

The words stopped
For months and months
And lay end to end  two end
Whys next to Eff and Mmmm
Ach to the Oakland As
High-railed Els back to mumbled Ems
Wide made it almost to the June bugs
With warmth to mold, shape and
Anointed a sweaty flush
Blocks open into strong arbors
For vining and spinning
                                                                     A sweet summer rose