Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boom Boom Boom

For about a year now the Jump Bean has been singing "Baby, you're a firework, come up to the stars tonight" over and over again. He learned if from his best friend at school, and I sang along. I never thought to find out where it came from. We were eating in the Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest and saw Katy Perry's video for "Firework." I finally put it together. This was JB's song!

Our waitress proudly told us Katy gave a concert in the palace across the river and filmed the video for "Firework" in Budapest. By evening JB was jumping on the hotel bed listening to the song our friend downloaded on to her Ipad over and over and over.

This weekend, we searched "Firework" on Youtube and watched the video several times (like 100 times). The Jumping Bean doesn't tire of it. He points out the places we've been (including the bridge where the spider shoot took place) with such excitement. My hope is JB doesn't eat any fireworks thinking they will shoot out of his chest. He's already brighter than the moon.