Thursday, July 5, 2012

Say Cheese, Spider!

Budapest* at Sunset, Friday June 22, 2012

Imagine walking across a lion-guarded bridge that holds a history large enough and long enough to honor a king.

Look over your shoulder. You see a palace and a sky of cathedrals lit up under the moon. You mindlessly hand the camera off of little hands with the reminder to wear the strap because you don't want to loose two weeks of writing prompts--I mean memories--to the Danube.

You pause and take a breath. The breeze from the river cools your face. You can almost taste the water as you let the air slide down your throat.

Still talking, you casually glance over at the photographer. His jaw is set to get the perfect shot. His brow furrows. He squints his eyes. He moves forward. He moves back--checking the angles, zooming in. He backs up again. You feel a warmth in your chest in the same moment he becomes very still.

Photo Credit: The Jumping Bean

"Say cheese, Spider!"

You laugh and wonder: Did the spider smile? Does the spider eat cheese? Does the spider speak English?

These are our memories from our summer adventure. Stay tuned for more.

What treasures are you savoring from the summer?

*Thank you to Jen--who made our adventure to Budapest possible. We would have never thought to go there.