Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh, the Things I have Dreamed

I've been contemplating the dreams that my starry-eye ideal thinks up at least 500 times a day. I am so glad they don't come true.

They go something like this:

Dream by the Hour

Butterflies and rainbows
Fall at my feet

The Leprechaun smiles
And lets go of his pot of gold

Inside each gold wrapper
Lay the smooth grip
of velvet chocolate

We are covered
in white daisies
Turning their faces
Toward the Sun

Chocolate melts
on our tongue

And you?
I've buried you in the daisies
Keeping you safe away
from the terrible joy
and horrible fun

Down we topple
To build a dream
by the next hour

Consider a passing thought or a dream. What would it be like if it came true? What would be different? What would be the same?