Friday, March 1, 2013

Stepping Outside the Blank Page

This month the at my other home, the WritersVibe, we are showcasing our other art mediums. I am so excited to write about the connections I've noticed between writing and other ways of using my hands and creativity.

I love to play with words and that's how Rhyme's a Rhyme came to be. I had some blocks with my writing. In  times of "blocked," I rediscovered that I like to play with paper and beads and thread and paint and glue and pine cones and whatever else happens to be laying about. After a little (and sometimes a lot of) play, the words come like an avalanche.

I've written about the journey a few times:
and, oh, there is so much more.

Traci recently highlighted the wonderful possibilities of a snow day at Jots Beyond the Margin. She chose to read. I might choose to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate, an old magazine (or manuscript?), and a pair of scissors to create snowflakes and paper chains.

Where are you creative outside of writing?

Functional Kindergarten Worksheet Paper Chains