Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finish More: The Little Dog Laughed

A few weeks ago I spent my last day at "work." Since then I feel a little like I've been living in a nursery rhyme:

I'm not sure how I chose "Hey diddle diddle" for what's going on right now. I think it's the improbability of moon-jumping cows, plates and spoons eloping, and actually getting some of my goodness-that-would-be-so-awesome-and-I-will-never-find-the-time things finished. Well, I'm doing it! Here's a recap.


III: The Little Dog Laughed
One job finished. A new on the way someday. Breathing
One room spackled. Prime in progress.
Four shelves display crafts, baubles, fabrics, and paints
The place of nursery rhymes, stick stands, and dragons
One movement starts here in the ache of thighs and shoulders
of kettle balls. Balls of iron slung and swung. Stronger
One point five closer to master; One month early with spring
One hundred turtles complete in a puzzle, not a missing piece
One paperweight turned video conferencer and writing utensil
Intentions set. Some done. Some undone. Loving progress.

What nursery rhyme are you living in right now?