Thursday, March 14, 2013

Being an Inspiration

Last month on the Writersvibe we were taking a look at publishing. I mentioned being an inspiration using only a few words. I did just that last fall.This is what my inspirations looked like:

I also consider this another way I do creativity and art. I spent hours finding the right font, the right font size, and the right colors. The magnets have changed a little since the first set, and they continue to evolve. I've even added two more magnets to the series--I even used my own photographs for the background on one of them.

I'm traveling this weekend, and if you are in the right place you'll see one of these. Take it, leave it, or pass it on. You can follow the journey of what happened and what is happening at

What would you leave behind on a magnet to brighten the world for the rest of us?