Sunday, August 31, 2014

Inside the Blackhole

I took this picture today.

At first glance, I was disappointed. The morning glory is too centered in the shot, the camera is more focused on the green in the background that the flower, the flower itself is blurry at the center and around the edges. The morning light is all wrong.

Then it grew on me. Look at the light coming out of the center. The light is ethereal. The five point star is perfect. The lighter lines divide the star in to perfect triangles. The edges of the flower are blurry making them almost 3-d.

Is this small flower what it's like to stand on the inside of a black hole and bask in glorious light? Is this how our angel and spirit guides see each one of us?

A poem is coming from this simple morning glory, and it is nothing like I intended.

This week take something you that you see as less than perfect and find its gifts. Where is its beauty? What does it look like on the inside? What does it look like on the outside? How is it messy? How is it clean?