Monday, December 19, 2011

Balance--Tip the Scale

I spend time in the light. I associate light with a lot of things--love, laughter, healing, life. I send light bombs when traffic seems to be overly aggressive, and I'm lost in the speed and hurry. I send light when I hear of someone sick or ill. I send light when something wonderful happens.

I thrive in the light.

I've also spent time in the darkness--the days of dark when life is hopeless.

Today I've opened the closet door and "to do" buried me. Here in the darkness, I find my courage; I know my fear. They lead back to the light.

Balance lives in darkness and in light. Cherish both. Where's your darkness? How does it lead you back to the light?


Behind me
Under Stairs
Sidewalk cracks
Attic corners

Out breath spaces
Closed eyes
Toe fuzzies

Mashed-up rainbows
Invisible yin, chasing yang

Lingering for rain
Bathed in light
Saved today,
tucked away.
                                                                               Darkness left