Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Make Messes

I adore messes.

Messes are:
1) The result of creativity
2) A reason to make creative excuses
3) An excuse to be creative
4)  Reminders to make space for creativity

Wait. Did I remember to mention the 'C' word?


Not THAT 'C' word. THIS 'C' word:


Messes comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and rhythms. What did you create with your mess today?

The Smell

The Christmas tree smells
Like the brick wall at the light rail stop
Near Pratt Street
The perfect place to write your name
Vertically without being seen
We thought the smell was
The Christmas greens wilting on the wall
Above the heat vent
We moved it to the perfect place
All the neighbors could see

We thought the smell was permeating,
carried in the warm gas wind,
Through the door
Perfect! We'll move the swag
To the curb with the Christmas mulch

The smell persists. I didn't go there.
Did you? We packed away Christmas
Under the stairs
We'll open the windows. The winter is perfect
To freeze our toes. We'll wear socks

The smell. THE SMELL!
Here's a Santa clothespin. Close your nose.
Up it goes
No perfect escape. Nowhere to go
We stare as the cat squats down