Monday, December 5, 2011

Don't Question the Universe

Today has been the oddest of days. It reminds me of the Taoist story of  Maybe. Normally, I would have worried and questioned myself into a headache, a backache, or vomitted by now. I haven't.

Our fiber line was cut this weekend, so we didn’t have Internet.

I kept my cool.

I didn't flip out when the phone company said they couldn't fix it until Monday and I was going to miss work and couldn't even work from home since I didn't have a connection.

If we had had Internet, I wouldn't have gone to bed by 9PM last night, and I wouldn't have gotten up to run this morning. I wouldn't have known the circuit breaker for the treadmill tripped.

I kept my cool and decided since I was already in may sneakers, I would run anyway.
The same circuit also powers the freezer so I got the extension cord. If I hadn't used the extension cord to power the treadmill before I plugged it into the freezer, I wouldn't have noticed that the extension cord has to to be placed just so or it won't work.

I kept my cool

If I hadn't been home this afternoon waiting for the phone company to reattach the fiber line, I wouldn't have been playing with Legos, and I wouldn't have remembered what a sweet amazing genius I live with.

I'm still cool.

The chicken stock is frozen, contact with the outside world is reestablished and who knows what the universe will reveal tomorrow.

What's in your way today? Let go of the questions and welcome each oddity as a gift.