Monday, January 9, 2012

Like One Million Kisses

Winter is my favorite season. This year I've longed for winter. She comes in fits and starts. She's been tease that doesn't stay.

Yes, I did take the swing for a swing.
Why do a love winter? It could be that I'm a winter baby. It could be that I spent my winters with wind chills sending the temperatures well below zero. I love the feel of the air burning down into my lungs, the death wind that steals my breath, and the chill to my marrow that only thaws when spring comes.

When I think of winter, I remember walking to school in my moonboots with Lila Alger--one of us on each side of the rutted dirt road hunting for the thin white ice because the ice tinkles like chimes when you stepped on it exactly the right way.

Tonight it snowed. When I stepped outside, like a child, I forgot to feel the cold. I turned my face into the wind and invited the flakes to fall.

Go outside and invite winter into your bones. What does she say to you?

Like One Million Kisses 
The maples stand naked
Already tipped
With spring's seed
In the dusty pearl dusk
Hiding smoke breath
Cold, not shivered
Face turned to the wind
Eyes closed
You fall like one million kisses
Smothered and dripping,
Never have I been more loved