Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be a Bear

Wow! Winter's here.

What I am very clear on: I am hibernating! Early to bed, sluggish to rise, slow to answer emails, writing next to nothing creative, falling asleep with a book in my hands...

I decided not to wallow in the "shoulds" and I'm allowing myself a little grace...after all isn't that what I would do for a friend?

This week treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, child, or favorite love. Give yourself a break!

Find a few minutes and breathe...close your eyes and fill up your belly. Whether it's cold or warm outside feel how the temperature of the air slides down your throat and comes back at a perfect 98.6 degrees--consider the warmth--a gift to the snoozing trees. Allow the trees gift you with their patience, peace and may even consider tucking yourself in for a long winter's nap.

Breath in.
Breath out.

Oh, if you want to check out some really scientific stuff about hibernation go here.