Thursday, November 17, 2011


Last night we went through our puzzles. Spread out before us was an era of plane rides, smiles, floor time, accomplishments, tears, and firsts. I requested the letting go and let a five-year-old choose which puzzles were given a new home*. I hid a shadow of tears and a smile as he proudly set aside Thomas the Train puzzle we bought at Stausburg Railroad and Santa's gift three Christmases ago. These were both deemed "too easy" and ready for someone else to play, discover, and love

I grew up with puzzles. I remember being five or six and enamored with a an  500 piece astrology puzzle. I could tell you I was the Aquarius drawn with two lines bumpy lines and carried water. We would work on that puzzle for weeks at a time when the Arctic winds swooped over the prairie and took your breath away the moment you stepped outside. By the time I was twelve, I could do that puzzle on my own in a weekend.

Edges smooth face outside
Bumps all round sort by color
Then pieced together

Today as I comb my fingers through the pieces of a mandala, I smile at the little hands beside mine and tune my ears to bouncing chatter. Together: We are a moving meditation. Together: We are a knowing. There is place for every piece and a piece for every place. As one piece joins another, we celebrate. When we finish, we'll gaze in wonder and take as much joy in disassembly as assembly.  Some day we'll start this puzzling all over again.

I imagine my mother wore the same smile--a mix of wonderment, pride, memories--then as I wear now.

This week, piece together a own moving meditation. Here are a few suggestions: Take a walk, do a puzzle, wash the dishes, brush your teeth, cook your favorite meal, eat an apple. Let it be a moment (or moments) of complete indulgence and awareness. What does it feel, smell, sound, and taste like? Please share with us what happened!

*Thank you to Jen, Doug, Will, and Julie for giving our puzzles new homes.