Friday, February 3, 2012

Please Open the Flood Gates...

...and they were opened.

I was nestled and snuggled in my winter den and what didn't happen?
  • A jumping bean turned snot fountain
  • That new longed for position at work took a totally unexpected turn
  • An avalanche of fun emails
  • Fingers that don't keep up with the flow of words tucked into little wrinkles
  • A quite peacefully Saturday turn torrent of re-connections and fun
  • A dream of driving on an upside down mountain road on replay
  • Tears that won't stop
  • Smiles that won't stop growing
Mysteries all.

What's the gift in the mystery that spins your way? If you are willing, please share. Comments are welcome.


Flood Gates
How has the dam not broken?
How have the flood gates open?
Mystery spins a sweet snot fountain
A tropic of tears
Swirled into eddies
Swept to a quiet,
Slow elbow bend
Deep in wilds of Mystery's river