Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Light

When I'm sure I have all the thorny bumpy negatives in life turned into the most beautiful light, love, and empowerment, I'm reminded of how important those thorny bumps are to the love I've created and how easily I can create those thorny bumps myself.

Today I set about obsessing about a particularly bumpy thorny email, my shoulders were snaked up around my ears and  my crown was nearly snapping under the power of my clamped and grinding jaw. So I printed the offending email and with my yellow highlighter I borrowed an poetry exercise from our contemporary Traci and set to turn those words into something we can live right into.  You can find the exercise Traci shared with us in her blog Jots Beyond the Margin. The short of the exercise is:
  • Pick something already written
  • Mark words you like
  • Without adding words, use the words you chose to write a poem.
For my poem, I picked words that were positive and empowering with a few prepositions and pronouns.

Forward Confidence

Come, we'll play at the showing
Agreements talk; walking in time
Movement together in everything
Someone else can guess our rules

The goal: Make hope truly truth
Coverage seen to the right and way up
Differing ways find benefiting choice
Fill together with decisions
Final wholly matter is together
I see you in the future clearing
You and I start to run there
Thanks for forward confidence