Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Today is a lazy Saturday. The sun is shining lighting up the clouds to a hopeful blue with the sky peeping between. The leaves are half changes and a few that eager to let go fly in the breeze like summer's butterflies and birds. To set the mood here's one of my favorite fall tunes* by Cheryl Wheeler When Fall Comes to New England. Cheryl captures the sights, sounds, and crispness in the air today. Please listen and let yourself be here with us.

Let yourself be lazy. Steep in the fall. Take a stroll, a bath, drink a cup of hot apple cider, or lay a blanket in your favorite outdoor spot and stare at the clouds. Lazy Saturdays are an art form. Practice

*Thank you to Mikey for introducing me to an east cost fall through Cheryl Wheeler's music before I'd ever set foot on the east coast.