Monday, October 31, 2011

Worry at Attention

I was in a leadership workshop over the weekend, and our speaker, Charles Eisenstein, spoke of giving our worries and our hurts and our anger and our bumps and our thorns some loving attention as they asked for it. Today consider that we've been trained to stuff those emotions away as if that part of the human experience is wrong or bad or negative. Consider that we are trained that we need to control our impulses when our bumps and thorns or even our desires speak. So our bumps and thorns grow and grow and grow until they can't be contained any more then they start poking our friends.

So today, make a list worries, hurts, angers as they come up for you--big or small all of these bumps and thorns are important today. Give them some loving attention and see what happens. If you are comfortable sharing your experience, please share.

Worries at Attention*

Stand up straight!
Be proud!
Show yourself!

Come out the deep dark recesses
Of my belly
Of my grey wrinkles
In the scar on my knee
Behind my ear

I see you hiding behind my littlest toe.
Don't be shy. Come out and play today!
All are welcome here

Stand by.

Get in line and file
Even lines
You on the end
Come to the front.
Now cover.

Fear of Failure
Shuffle back.
You're out of line
Not Listening,
You're not listening!
Go to the front and
Bear the guide

Open ranks, march!

I'll give you
A hug
A squeeze
A tickle

We'll cry
We'll sneeze
We'll giggle

Be gone
Fall out

Rest before we reassemble

*Thank you to the U.S Air Force for teaching me how to march and giving me a command voice. I still have two left feet, and I still bounce.