Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moon's Delight

Today was our first Kindergarten field trip. We rode back on the bus snuggled together planning glorious ice cream pancakes with marshmallows and chocolate chips and whipped cream on top. A finger shoots out and voice says, "Mom! I see the moon!" Until this year I never looked up to see the moon's daylight magic. Fortunately, there's a pint-sized teacher reminding me how we are connected even when we aren't together and the Indigo Girls* beautiful song "Share the Moon." And YES, I do cry ever time I hear it!

Tonight or in the morning, go find the moon. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, open your eyes and marvel at the moon. Please remember to look up!

                                                                    You find the moon
                                                Hidden behind contrail
                           Stripes across the sky
      In Sun’s time

                                                                      My child,
No matter our travels
Moon follows us
early in the morning
Found flashing through the trees
In my blind space

I trust your eyes to marvel
You remember to look
When I’m phased and glazed,
My heartbeat rising,
Hands holding too hard
Watching minutes rise on the radio
And subtracting nine
Wondering if we’ll be on time

I trust your eyes to find the moon
My heartbeat and hands just right
As we marvel the magic in the daylit moon

In Sun’s early light
In Noon’s full shadow
In Eve's sinking amber and lavender
You find the moon

On Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    In the time before light
                    I look up. I find the moon
                            Hand on the car door
                                       Breath deep in my belly
                                                     Wind puffs smoky wisps away
                                                                        Moon mirrors me to you
*Thank you to Jen & Mark, full of possibility, for the reintroduction to the Indigo Girls