Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Will Not Go Small

Have you fooled them again? Did you pull it off so well no one knew you weren't perfect, and you were scared out of your wits? Did you wait to speak last, knowing that everything you wanted to say would be spoken or passed over in the revolution of conversation?

I do.

I've been fooling you all for so long I forgot the Jules Fool was an act.

I've been discovered, caught, outed, Ha ha ha...ha. I'm mortified. My deepest, darkest secret has been exposed.

I am not as small as I make myself. I've promised my classmates--my council--that I will not go small.

I will speak, and I invite you to listen.

Where are you playing small? This week, let yourself be large--be seen, be heard--and see what happens. Please do share what happens when you show up a large as you already appear to us.


Here I am. I've fooled you again
Small and quiet in the corner
Never known to be any smarter
Than the brown painted door frame
Patiently holding up the roof


Here I am, following magpies
Out the window, mouth drool drips
And long brush branch dips
Swaying to the disjointed music
We call conversation


Here I am dancing in brush branches
I hear your words, rhythm, pitch, and tone
Matching the heartbeat I claim to own
A hawk screams, magpies fly
I'll speak now and you listen.