Friday, February 10, 2012

Silk ,Erasers, Brushes, Chalk, Water...Oh Boy!

Last weekend I attended an collaborative art workshop a three hour play session.* I have a story about art--I'm not "good" at it.
Play and creativity--the Jumping Bean way

I played for three hours without stopping with a room full of friends The best part: We sat on the FLOOR.

We played like children passing our work and adding to the next piece put in front of us. We made circles, lines, squiggles, rubbed them out, and made more on top of them.We used all kinds of different creating tools--erasers, water, brushes, silk sticks, graphite, chalk, and model magic.

I could be an artist.

I remembered how much fun I have creating and playing. We played with words:

We even made a list of how we are creative everyday. My list looked something like this:
  • Desk top toys at work
  • Jade/copper wire tree (recreated when I'm thinking)
  • Picking out jewelry
  • Spreadsheets (I do so love colors)
  • Singing
  • Writing silly stories for Jumping Bean
  • How I design the day
  • How I make the Jumping Bean's bed (I hide snakes under pillows)
  • Dinner (what is it? How does it look?)
I am an artist--not in the way of a perfect water color still life or a perfect bit of prose. Perhaps when we say 'play', 'art', or 'create,' it could all be art.

How did you play today? How do you create everyday? What did you paint with your artist's brush?


*Thanks, Katie--for reintroducing us to play, art, and collaborative creation. Katie tells me if you've forgotten how to play, she is happy remind you (for at least three hours.)