Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joys in Collaborative Art

When I first started meeting with the WritersVibe last year, Lila, Traci, and Anne mentioned that after a while some parts of our writing would merge. Sometimes we wouldn't know who said what or how a phrase of a style might show up in all of our writing. In different ways, we have rubbed off on one another. I say that's collaboration. We find such joy in encouraging each other and watching one another grow as writers and humans.

Over the last month Katie introduced to me to a different form of collaborative art. I love playing with words and reading. I had forgotten the joy of playing with paints, crayons, and clay. Writing almost took a back seat to playing with the Jumping Bean's many craft supplies!

On the heels of Katie's workshop (I wrote about it here), I signed up for Spark. I made Connie Begg's picture my wall, so I could gather its secrets. Over the course of 10 days, a poem was born--along with a few new words to add to the dictionary too!

Consider trading inspiration with another creator. Let what happens next amaze you.